Women Industrial Protective Clothing Tips(一)

Author:Shinco Protective Time:2016-11-07 11:53:19

For ensuring the safety of women in workplace,industrial protective clothing must beyond those designed for male or unisex proportion. Comfort and suitable is important as FR garment in other type PPE.
Industrial protective clothing usually designed for male or unisex. Unfortunately, the suitable protective clothing for job is inappropriate from body type and comfort for women.
However, with the increasing of women proportion in workplace, it is important to ensure equipment safe and comfort for female in workplace. So when you choosing industrial protective clothing for you workers, following the below:
Shirt sleeves should short enough that they do not need be rolled or cuffed.
Shirt tails should be long enough that they can be tucked in. And shirts should be adjustable cuffs, it be helpful to different wrist sizes.
Coveralls should be avaliable to hip and wrist sizes, so that excess fabric would not effect produce effective. Additional, sleeve and pant length should fit the wearer.
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