Welding Protective Safetywear For Welding Industry

Author:xinke Time:2017-04-08 09:31:06

Welding Protective Safetywear For Welding Industry is also kind of flame retardant clothin, which can bring much safety to human. It’s a pity that every year there are always some workers get injured even died when they are in a dangerous situation, because they don’t wear proper welding protective clothing. 
The fact proved that wearing proper welding protective clothing can reduce lots of unnecessary injury. Shinco Protective is committed to become the symbol of safety. Trust Shinco Protective can make you away from danger.
Also, Shinco Protective is devoted to supplying PPE products to the world with strict QC system and own factory, test center. 
The standard that we can meet are: EN ISO 20471,EN ISO 11611,EN ISO 11612,EN ISO 1149-5,EN ISO 61482-1-2.
You will always find a suitable product for your employees at Shinco Protective.
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