Three Ways About Improper FR Clothing Worn

Author:Shinco Protective Time:2016-08-06 10:32:34

1.Wear non-flame retardant jacket in fr jacket
   During bad weather, even if you wear fr clothing inner, the non-flame retardant clothing will be a ignition point and put you in danger. Therefore, choose a suitble fr clothing is important.
2.Made non-FR material as the lining
  If your fr clothing lining is non-FR, it contributes to moisture management. But at the monment, because of it is non-FR material, it can melt in your skin when met the fire. It is dangerous to you.
3.Rolling your sleeves
It looks like a better way to resistance heat, but it make your arms exposed. So, the best way is looking for a lighted fabric with great breathability without sacrificing the clothing safety.
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