The info about Inherent Flame Retardant Clothing

Author:Shinco Protective Time:2016-08-02 14:57:36

Inherent flame retardant clothing adopt high-tech fibers technology and flame resistance textile that provide and ensure great fire resistance performance in electrical industry and oil and gas field. Permanent FR clothing have excellent protection characteristic with extreme comfort at the same time.
Inherent flame retardant clothing can ensure excellent quality and optimum safety to end users. As it is the permanent flame retardant fiber, its flame resistance performance will not decrease with the washing time. It will self-extinguishing quickly and not continue burning. The clothing can stand with high-temperature condition and maintain shape. High tear strength, abrasion resistance, dimensional stability and not easy broken are inherent flame retardant clothing’s advantages. 
These advantages make it become the reliable FR workwear when workers are working.
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inherent flame retardant clothing