The Notes About Wearing Mining Protective Clothing

Author:Shinco Protective Time:2016-10-16 11:21:01

About the mining protective clothing, when you workers wear should note the below matters.
First, when you get the mining protective clothing, do not wear it immediately. Because of the resin and pasta in the fabric will resulting in friction to skin. The best way is washing it by clean water. So the protective clothing will become more comfortable. Second, when wearing the mining protective clothing, according to the temperature, humidity and air volume increase or decrease the clothing. The most important is not bring your protective clothing to home, because the clothing carrying the dust, poison, radioactive substance or emblem of bilogical contamination in the workplace. It will polluted environment and harmful to family health. The clothing should be out it in ventilated place when you put it out. Last, you should noted the care and maintenance of the protective clothing, and make the clothing play a better protective effect.
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