Strengths Of Aramid Garments

Author:Shinco Protective Time:2017-03-21 10:03:56

Do you know Aramid Garments? Aramid used most widely, highest output, fastest development with high performance and high temperature resistant fibers in the world.
It is mainly used in military, fire fighting industries, oil and gas, electricity etc applications, the standards we can meet are: EN11612, EN14116, ASTMF1959-99. There are five main features as follow:
  • Outstanding flame resistance;
  • Superior temperature resistance;
  • Oxidation resistance;
  • Excellent chemical stability;
  • Good physical and mechanical properties.
Aramid can make your employees in a safe situation, and Shinco Protective guarantees that it will provide the most excellent quality and reasonable price with strict quality control system and own test center. 
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