Shinco Protective Expressed Warm Congratulations on Employees' Children got great achievement in college entrance examination

Author:Shinco Protective Time:2017-09-11 12:10:05

Every year, September is a back- to- school season, because it stands for a new beginning. This year, Shinco Protective holds an activity to express warm congratulations on employees’ children got great achievement in collage entrance examination. Children are going to meet their colorful college life to broaden their horizon and wider knowledge.
As is known to us, college entrance examination, called Gaokao, is quite important for Chinese parents and children, which means children have a wider world to show their ability. In order to encourage children, Shinco Protective sent red pockets to reward them and every employee said a word of blessing to them. 
Shinco Protective CEO said that hope there will be children have good achievement in the next years, and hope every child become more outstanding in their life in the future. Last, let’s wish Shinco Protective is getting better in the development of road!  
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