Safety Apparel for Oil and Gas Industry

Author:Shinco Protective Time:2016-10-22 13:40:42

Although with high health and safety standards in oil and gas industry,but workers still face a number of potential dangers. So safety apparel with antistatic can offer better protection against a varies of chemicals, whether liquid or granular.
Whatever refinery, or other stage of oil and gas. Frontline professionals face life-threatening chemical dangers, such as blowout, hydrogen sulphide gas during drill, heavy metal and benzene present in crude etc, make workers exposed dangerous.
At the same time, workers also potentially exposed dangers caused by spark igniting steam or gas. Therefore, workers who life in potential dangers area, must follow strict safety rules and be provided suitable safety apparel with antistantic.
In a word, safety apparel with antistatic is important to workers, and Shinco Protective apparel has excellent antistatic performance, durable color fastness and washing character, comfortable wearing and low formaldehyde with EN ISO11611  EN ISO11612  EN14116   NFPA2112 IEC 61482-1-2  EN1149-3 /EN 1149-5 etc.
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