Insect Repellent Clothing for Forestry Worker

Author:Shinco Protective Time:2017-05-26 17:16:18

When being bitten, people will always choose to wear thick clothes with long sleeves and pants to keep insects from biting themselves instead of useful way to avoid such happened. To avoid it, choosing insect repellent clothing for forestry worker will bring more convenience.
Some insects can even bite through clothes, therefore, insect repellent clothing is necessary for forestry worker. It is believed that its function is flame retardant and anti-mosquitoes, and it can reach NFPA 2112,ASTM D 6413 standars.Here are some features about insect repellent clothing for forestry worker:
 1.Front brass zipper with buttoned storm flap;
 2.Two chest pockets with brass zipper;
 3.Waist with elastic;
 4.Two side pockets and two hip-back pockets with brass zipper;
 5.Right tool pocket and pen pockets;
 6.50mm reflective tapes.
Choosing it, your employees will be safe because it does not irritate human skin. And our products are in a good quality got ISO 9001 with 6 times strict quality inspection in production. Choose Shinco Protective, Choose Quality!
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