How to Choose Cold Resistant Protective Clothing?

Author:Shinco Protective Time:2016-12-21 16:37:48

When selecting cold resistant protective clothing, like temperature, humanity and strong wind will be considered.
In cold and highly humid environment, the following factors need to be considered in particular:
Is work light or comfortable?
Is work in indoors or outdoors?
Is the worker exposed wind or bad weather condition?
Selecting suitable underwear is another important issue. When working in cold environment, avoid wearing cotton material underwear of observing moisture. Because after taking up moisture, it made skin felt cold and stiff. In extreme condition, silk and wood are the best material for underwear. If worker perspire when working, made of human material do not observe moisture like polypropylene and feel warmer than cotton. The material of clothing over underwear should be moisture absorption. The outmost layer must be made of breathable material.
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