High Quality Summer Weight FR Clothing for Workers

Author:Shinco Protective Time:2017-07-15 16:37:57

In recent years, a lot of happened injuries are because of the unsafe working environment. therefore, some companies choose high quality summer weight FR clothing for workers to keep them safe in dangerous situation. However another companies didn’t realize the importance of high quality summer weight FR clothing for workers and led to terrible accidents. 
Choosing summer weight FR clothing for working, to a large extent, it can avoid some emergent events when faced with fire. Here are some features about it:
1.YKK brass zipper in front door
2.Two chest pockets,one pocket is with a card bag
3.FR Reflective tape on chest,back,arms and legs
4.Cuff  is with velcro as adjustment
5.Waist with elastic band 
6.Two knee pockets on legs
And it passed following Standards: EN ISO 471,EN ISO 11611,EN ISO 11612,EN ISO 1149-5,EN ISO 61482-1-2. 
Shinco Protective provides you best quality and service with 6 times strict quality inspection in production. You will always find a suitable workwear for your employees.
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