High Quality Customized Insect Repellent Shirt for Outdoor Forest Workers

Author: Shinco Protective Time:2017-09-27 15:36:16

For outdoor forest workers, they can’t avoid dangerous environment because of the difficult situation. However, how to reduce the danger a lot is a question, maybe it can start from preventing bites by insects, Shinco Protective manufactures high quality customized insect repellent shirt for outdoor forest workers to avoid insect biting.
Insect repellent shirt is treated with a permanent insect repellent so that mosquitoes and insects are discouraged from landing. Insects and mosquitoes that do land will be put off biting, and if they do stay will receive a lethal dose of repellent. Shinco Protective recommends using a good repellent on any exposed skin to get the best bite and sting protection.
Here are some features about it:
1. Two Chest pockets with flaps
2. Botton closed in the front
3. Adjustable cuffs and bottom with buttons
4. 5cm 3M reflective tape
If you are still in such working environment, please protect yourself in Shinco Protective insect repellent shirt. Shinco Protective guarantees you best quality with 6 times strict quality inspection and fast delivery with 12000 piece per month.
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