Fire Retardant Overall Reduce Burning Injuries

Author:shinco protective Time:2016-11-21 09:58:17

In 2015-2016, there are over 3000 related burning injuries in workplace.
If employees work in potential dangerous environment with heat or flame, ensuring the workers’ safety is employer’s responsibility.
Every year, many related clothing injuries due to heat or direct contact with flame. The most injuries not caused by original flame, it caused by secondary clothing igniting. In workplace, the most severity burning injuries is caused by clothing igniting on wear’s skin.
Fire retardant overall works by reduce flameble materails, by phisically blocking or chemical reaction to stop flamble. Fire retardant overall would not ignite and continue burning, it can extinguish itself and after removing the heat source or fire source. Even single-layer fire retardant overall significantly made workers protected.
Flash fire is rare occured but it can happened. If flash fire, arc flash fire or other incidents occured, you need to ensure your workers were protected. Fire retardant overalls reduce the severity of the burning injuries, it means the difference from life and death.
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