Durable Anti- Mosquito Products For Protection

Author:Shinco Protective Time:2017-03-25 11:15:18

Are you worried about being bitten by mosquitos? Shinco Protective can provide the durable anti-mosquito products for protection. Here are some listed advantages of durable anti-mosquito products: 
• No loss due to skin absorption; 
• No removal of the active compound by sweating;
• Slower evaporation because of lower temperature, except when clothing is exposed to sunlight; 
• Better adherence to cotton and synthetic fibres.
Durable anti-mosquito products can prevent insects from biting. Making contact with the fabric will kill them before they manage to feed. The application of durable anti-mosquito products is preferable to skin application because it reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions.
Free samples will be sent if necessary by Shinco Protective for your reference, and own factory and test center are our strengths.
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