flame retardant clothing for oil and gas industry
Oil&Gas and Arc Flash fields
 In offshore drilling platform, the risks exist all the time, workers will be expose on radioactive substances  produced by crude oil, and they also face the other risks cause by high temperature, fire, explosion and etc.  So they require more  powerful protective workwear to against potential risks.  Shinco Protective takes care of your  worker’s safety, they take care of your  business.
fire resistant clothing for mining industry
 Mining industry
Welding protective clothing is a kind of Flame Retardant workwear. Every year there are a lot of workers were injured because they don’t wear proper welding protective clothing. The fact proved that wear proper welding protective clothing can reduce lots of unnecessary injury. Shinco Protective is committed to become the symbol of safety. Trust Shinco Protective can make you free from worry.
fire retardant clothing for welding industry
 Welding industry
  Shinco protective workwear is you first protective shelter when you in fire. Reliable protection performance  and            durability and comfortable greatly improves worker safety and enthusiasm in work environment.  Cooperation experience   for many years with Europe and the americas customers have already  proved that  Shinco Protective can do this. 
flame resistant clothing for construction industry
Construction fields
 Oil resistance, abrasion resistance and resistance to dirty are the most important function of workwear for construction. It will be great protect construction worker from harm when they Wear good protective workwear at work. For good protective workwear , Shinco Protective is you best choice.